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There is no way (not) to do nothing! We must act now!

June 11, 2014

Truthout: “The Red Line” by DH Garrett:

…the self-described leaders who dwell in the bowels of the halls of power seem mostly possessed of a zombie mindset that equates killing with problem solving, and destruction and rabid devouring with growth.


What will sustain us is each other and our decision to no longer be part of the killing machine. We can take back our lives, can take back Life. We can say no to the zombies, the vampires, and the monsters no matter what they call themselves and no matter how slick their manners. We can say yes to life, yes to beauty, and yes to the simplicity and endless bounty of caring and sharing.


As it is, prospects are grim; the world is shifting to a climate from hell, and the powers that be are mostly just accelerating that demise; but if all of us, most of us, even many of us reach out, and grasp each other’s hands, we just might make it across.

But unfortunately not everyone feels that way. See editorial in The Bristol Post: “Sometimes doing nothing is not a bad thing“:

The coalition Government was criticised for a relatively light Queen’s Speech last week, in which it set out its legislative programme for the coming Parliamentary session. Some accused it of being a “zombie” government that had “run out of ideas”. It might be true. But let’s turn that on its head. How many people are right now thinking, “what we need in this country is some new laws”. Or “we simply must have some more red tape and bureaucracy to make our days more interesting”. …new laws all require someone to do something different. To start doing something, stop doing something or record what they are doing, aren’t doing or are no longer doing.

Yes, there was a tremendous amount of British (Great Britain) zombie government, zombie parliament, zombie Queen Speech references that I didn’t have a chance to adequately cover on this blog.

The Queen didn’t say “zombie” in her speech, and the rhetoric was just repetition of the same Labour Party slurs we heard before in the weeks running up to the speech, but given the number of “zombie” articles about her speech, I should probably find time to do a better post about that. The image of this long-lasting Queen was splashed on so many internet articles about zombies government that it surely changed her correlation to the word.

Still, this Bristol Post editorial seems unique in it’s suggestion that the government should do even less. What craziness! As in my previous lament about the NY legislature: Legislatures should legislate! As DH Garrett makes perfectly clear, the status quo is unacceptable; we must stop the killing train! No one likes bureaucratic red tape lines but when we’re in this deep the only viable solution to bad government is to legislate our way out of it.

The law acts whether they legislate or not; as in Hegel, no action is a type of action. The law is always late = after the fact = leg-is-late = act now for the future! It’s already too late, but there’s still hope in negation.

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