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New York State Legislature avoiding controversies

June 9, 2014

CBS: “As NY Legislative Session Winds Down, Minimum Wage, Medical Marijuana Among Unresolved Issues“:

Time is running out on lawmakers in Albany. With attention turning to the fall elections, … The Senate and Assembly begin their final two weeks of work Monday. Several legislators told The Associated Press they don’t expect to take any controversial votes as the session winds down. Legislators and leaders including Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo face re-election this fall.

How are New Yorkers supposed to know who to vote out of office if the legislature won’t even vote?!?!?

One of the issues they likely won’t vote on is the Zombie Kill Bill, or as CBS describes:

Zombie” houses: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and a number of mayors want lawmakers to require mortgage lenders to maintain houses that have been abandoned through foreclosure.

And the CBS article mentions many other important issues on which the state legislature will decline to vote. These politicians would hold the status quo rather than risk upsetting their electoral calculus. They will spend their last two weeks as lame politicians, failing to speak to the big issues that the community clamors for.

But it’s not over yet, they are still passing bills, there’s still a little bit of hope for lobbyists, call your the legislators, tell them not to be zombies, do their jobs and vote on the big bills today!

Watch NYS Assembly Live or NYS Senate Live


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