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2014 zombie politics

May 23, 2014

National Journal: “Can a Zombie-Powered Presidential Candidate Go Legit?” by Alex Seitz-Wald:

Providing the apocalyptic soundtrack for Boston’s annual Zombie March—atonal feedback broadcast through his megaphone—is a bearded man wearing a boot on his head, a man who resembles some kind of demented Santa Claus. This is Vermin Supreme, and this is how he campaigns for president. Of the United States. Of America.


For 2016, he wants to do something even crazier and more brazen than anything he’s attempted before: Go legit—at least sort of.

Supreme is running for president again in 2016, but this time he hopes to earn enough support to secure potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in matching funds from the Federal Election Commission, courtesy of taxpayers who choose to chip in $3 on their annual tax return.

To meet the federal requirements for the money, Supreme will need to raise at least $5,000 in small donations from at least 20 states, for a minimum total of $100,000. If he succeeds, the government will match every contribution under $250 dollar-for-dollar, meaning the man whose platform includes a zombie-based energy plan would suddenly have more than $200,000 to spend on psychedelic ads

How could this guy not get $5000 from at least 20 states??

Some are concerned about the implications for the Federal Election system if this kind of candidate gets matching funds. But that’s exactly what should be ideal. Fringe politics should not be shunned!!!

See also the most recent Idaho GOP Primary. This stuff is real politics. It’s time to get more of the unnormals in the race. Get the suits out of politics! Here’s an edited version with the only two candidates who really mattered, the other two were so boring:

See also, the revolution in Ukraine?

In Slate: “Ukraine’s Zombie Revolution” by Lucian Kim:

the referendum wasn’t about independence at all, but simply the Donetsk people’s assertion of their right to self-determination.

I realized that my colleagues and I weren’t simply doing our jobs as journalists—we were also unwitting participants in a media circus that would help to legitimize a breakaway republic

When I first visited Donetsk at the end of March, I was surprised by the hostility demonstrators expressed toward me when I tried to interview them. Reporting from Serbia after the 1999 NATO bombing campaign was easier, because people—no matter how angry—wanted to express an opinion. At the Donetsk protests, I felt like I was facing an army of zombies programmed by Russian state media to rail in unison against the “Kiev junta” and its Western masters.

Putin is making Ukraine pay the price by having to fight a Soviet zombie state within its borders.

Meanwhile in Arizona, the Daily Courier: “Zombie rights: Comedic film shot in Prescott reveals plight of undead Americans” by Tom Scanlon reports:

“Dead Votes Society,” a Prescott-produced zombie comedy. It continues its festival life with a screening at Phoenix Comicon on Saturday, June 7 at 10:45 a.m.

The movie’s Twitter tagline:

After the Zombie Apocalypse (which turned out not so apocalyptic) zombies want to fit in. And, the right to vote.

This past week in Newsweek cover: Conspiracy Theories makes the case for a correlation between believing in one conspiracy and another even if they are diametrically opposed. Other studies have connected belief in the paranormal with belief in conspiracy. Just a few weeks ago, the Newsweek cover told us there was nowhere left to hide. But who determined what is “Conventional Wisdom”? Newsweek? or perhaps Reddit or Imgur or even Facebook!

It’s about a competition for narrative reality and social media can continue to change everything. Politics has always been largely a “media circus”. It’s about the meme flow.

As Supreme says:

“Meme maintenance,” he explained. “If there aren’t more pictures of me on the Internet, I’ll cease to exist.”

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