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UK Zombie Parliament Government

May 17, 2014

Zombie in the UK:

Irish Times: “A coalition staying together ‘just for the kids’” by Mark Hennessy:

“I have never known a parliament as empty of activity as this one. It does feel a little bit like it is the undead running around at the moment,” says Labour shadow Commons leader Angela Eagle. MPs are being accused of being part of a “zombie parliament”,

AND Financial Times: “Coalition fights ‘zombie government’ claims” by George Parker and Kiran Stacey:

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, said: “This zombie government has run out of steam.”

zombie angela eagle zombie jon ashworth

That these “zombie” are both from officials in the shadow government seems relevant. Perhaps the idea of an “Official Shadow Cabinet” already implies a kind of dark arts vocabulary.

See previous ZombieLaw UK posts, badly tagged because of my poor zombie categorization some tagged British Zombiesand some Zombie Great Britain – d’oh!


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