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Zombie Bengazi Embodies Fiscal Self-Reliance

May 15, 2014

HuffingtonPost: “Bill Clinton: Hillary Is Not A Flesh-Eating Zombie” by Zach Carter quotes Bill Clinton’s reaction to a question from Gwen Ifill regarding comments made by Karl Rove about Hillary:

“Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” Bill Clinton said when asked about Rove’s comments at a fiscal conference.

“First they say she faked her concussion; now they say she’s auditioning for a part on ‘The Walking Dead’!”

Well OK, so which is it?

“Whatever it takes!” Clinton says next.

The YouTube clip here is posted by WeirdNews, the full video from today at The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, 2014 Fiscal Summit is available at their site with full videos for Bill Clinton and followed by Chris Christie. The short clip begins with Gwen Ifil’s question for a response to Karl Rove’s comments in PageSix.

Ifill says “Doctor Rove wants to know” and Bill Clinton gestures a large silent laugh. The laugh is obviously about the use of the word “doctor” to refer to Rove in this context of Hillary’s brain injuries.

In fact, Rove didn’t even graduate college. From wikipedia:

Rove dropped out of the University of Utah to take a paid position as the Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee.

More importantly, why do people think these academic degrees mean anything about what you know? Was Ifill just being sarcastic or helping to perpetuate the zombie idea that Rove has academic credentials?

It’s a partisan issue. In a 2012 New Yorker article (quoting a 2003 New Yorker article) Karl Rove defines Democrat:

“Somebody with a doctorate,” Rove said.

And since we are talking about brain science, does it matter if it’s a medical doctorate or a Ph.D. in neuroscience? Zombie Neuroscience has researchers of both varieties: Drs. Schlozman M.D. and Voytek, Ph.D.. Lawyers are Juris Doctor but we dare not use that term here in America. Some foreign lawyers do it, but it’s laughable.

In another area of partisan cognitive science, Clinton uses an odd verb choice to introduce his opening quip. Clinton says that Rove’s comment “embodies” the saying: “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”. That “old saying” is a quote from Emerson’s “Self-Reliance“. But is the use of the word “embodies” a nod to the language of “embodied cognition”?

Consider that these references to self-reliance and embodiment are at a conference for the foundation that tweets the National Debt (17 trillion and counting). Keynesian zombies meet Benghazi zombies?

The “hobgoblin of little minds” also sounds like a homunculus metaphor. With embodied cognition, there is no mind inside the mind. Consciousness emerges from the interaction of material parts and it is constituted largely by our habitual behaviors – no hobgoblins, just habits. This is in contrast to dualist notions of a mind-body dichotomy. Embodied cognition treats dualism as a false-dichtomy like Bill’s strawman rhetoric that either Hillary was either faking it then or faking it now.

But from some perspective, the brain is constantly being damaged by the routine effect of natural aging. Which is to say, with language and politics, they are always faking it to some degree. The difference between a concussion and brain damage is a language game that matters more to neuroscience experts than to lay people. Rove is, as is his habit, manipulating the community language, with the skill of a political doctor.

Of course, so is Bill. (Does it matter whether she’s “quicker” than he is? Is this a fast-slow debate? Are we so fast that it’s 2016 already? Why are we even talking about Clintons?)

They are both political doctors; fix it guys with surgical precision. Changing the meaning of words.

There is a 1955 movie called “Bengazi” of which IMDB describes:

An American with a shady past joins with a morally-bankrupt Irishman to find treasure buried by Arabs in a deserted mosque in the Sahara. The situation becomes complicated when they are surrounded by bellicose Bedouin bandits.

What IMDB doesn’t mention is that the buried treasure is Nazi gold (see TCM). Are the “bellicose Bedouin bandits” alliterative zombies?

Without having seen this movie, it sounds like Sierra Madre meets Casablanca, with zombies. Also without having seen it, I can’t be sure it’s Nazi gold, because the TCM also says it’s “three shady characters” but in the trailer it’s clearly four, unless maybe they are not counting the girl. Perhaps, so too, with Hillary, associated with the similarly alliterative Bill, Barack and Biden – maybe the girl isn’t as shady as the rest of them? Or maybe that’s gender bias.


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