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Reuters: “parade of zombie scandals”

May 10, 2014

Reuters: “Benghazi: The zombie scandal” by Suzanne Garment:

Today’s political scandals seem unable to develop the momentum needed to exert real political influence. There’s sound and fury — adding up to an electoral and prosecutorial nothing. But does this mean the newest Benghazi investigation will end the scandal, one way or another? That’s even less probable. It’s more likely that Benghazi will join the parade of zombie scandals that hover between life and death for what seems an eternity.

This article is titled about Benghazi but also refers to Watergate, Monica Lewinsky and JFK conspiracy theories (See more ZombieLaw: Nixon, Clinton, and Kennedy).

Suzanne Garment is an attorney and she has been writing about scandals for a long time, see her 1991 book “Scandal: The Culture of Mistrust in American Politics”

Recall prior ZombieLaw mention of Benghazi in “Zombie Hillary Clinton – a question of credibility” and “Zombies – it’s the eyes

Garment concludes:

… even Benghazi, with its four dead Americans, repeated inquiries and remaining questions, is not likely to reach a political crescendo. And not likely to die. Instead, it will probably dribble off into inconclusiveness and join its fellows in the land of the political undead.

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