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National High School Mock Trial Zombiepocalypse Begins

May 8, 2014

Recall, this year’s National High School Mock Trial Championship has a “zombie” fact-pattern. According to the event schedule, teams will finish arriving today and there are scrimmage rounds at the hotels. Round 1 and 2 tomorrow, 3 and 4 on Saturday and winner announced at a ceremony and dance on Saturday night (zombie dance?).

Yesterday, the Facebook page for the State Bar of Wisconsin posted: ““Zombiepocalypse” is Coming! Preparing for Mock Trial Competition” It looks like they’ve got T-shirts and stress-ball-squishy-cows:

zombie cow stress

According to the main page for the competition, the t-shirts needed to be ordered in advance, but maybe there are extra cows? What’s more zombie than toying with a synthetic cow to alleviate stress?

For more info about this competition, see the prior ZombieLaw post for better links to the mock case materials. Also reported in the Wisconsin Gazette: “Zombiepocalypse trial begins May 8 in Madison“:

The case involves this fictional scenario: The owner of an energy drink business winds up dead after an evening with friends at a zombie run. The man’s business partner is found not guilty in a criminal court, but the dead man’s estate pursues a civil claim against the partner.

What’s more zombie than a mock law competition? As if there was this thing called law that exists outside of a real world case and controversy. As if the rules can be applied to abstract facts like math formula. As if it’s not about the real people and their real lives. As if this isn’t all just propaganda indoctrination of kids into the important skills of argumentative competition and the hierarchies of social life. On the event schedule, party for the adults tonight from 8-10pm:

Hospitality Suite for Judges, Coordinators, etc. @ Concourse Hotel, Room 638

Tomorrow night, there will also be a zombie costume contest, trivia and ice cream social:

don’t forget to terrify the judges with a heart-stopping costume to bring home a prize in this year’s Zombie Costume Contest.

Because the judges do have hearts!

And “appearance” is an important term of art for law. Maybe a costume contest is, like a mock trial, a playful but useful way to explore the important skill of manipulating appearance in the representation of absolute other?


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