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Update2: Florida Gun Carry Bill dead?

May 2, 2014

Continuing the story of the Florida state Senator Bullard’s proposed “zombie apocalypse” amendment to a bill that would have changed the conceal and carry laws for major emergencies. That amendment was postponed (see first update) and now it seems that it will likely never see a vote because another amendment was approved first and then the bill’s original author, who doesn’t like the changed language, has now withdrawn the bill.

See TBO: “Concealed weapons exemption bill sidelined” by Matt Dixon:

After more than an hour of discussion today, it appeared legislation creating an exemption to state concealed weapons laws during a mandatory evacuation might be dead this legislative session. The Senate bill (SB 296) allows for those without a permit to carry a concealed weapon when the governor calls for a mandatory state of emergency like a hurricane. An amendment that passed 23-15 limited the exemption to 24 hours after the evacuation is declared. That didn’t sit well with the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, so he “temporarily postponed” his bill. With just one day left in this year’s legislative session, it means the bill likely won’t pass. [read more at TBO]

This is a fascinating little lesson in legislative politics in that all you have to do to kill a bill is convince enough of the other Senators to change the bill in a way that the bill author doesn’t like it anymore. How many of the 23 were trying to tank the bill? With that kind of majority, they could have also voted the bill down anyway. Maybe at least one of these senators thinks the 24 hour version would actually make for better law. But this change seems ridiculous, more ridiculous than Bullard’s zombies, because if this is actually a zombie-like disaster emergency and the person wants to flee their home with their gun, they are probably going to need to be out of the house for more than 24 hours. They might never be coming back.

It seems for now, this bill is likely gone for this session. Which is a shame because it would have been nice to get a vote on Senator Bullard’s zombie apocalypse amendment, but alas, that too is likely never coming back.

[update: see also: “‘Insane’ NRA gun bill killed in Legislature” by Michael Van Sickler with quotes from one Senator who voted for the 24 hour provision]


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