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Zombie Apocalypse in Florida Senate spreads to Pensions

May 1, 2014

Tampa Bay Times/Herald: “Pension reform bill dies in Senate” by Michael Van Sickler :

“It’s dead,” said Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby. “We’ve had enough debate on this. I think we’ve made our points on both sides. The wishes of the Senate were done today.”

The pension plan can’t go bankrupt unless 86 percent of state employees retire at the same time, said Sen. Darren Soto, D-Orlando.

“Short of a zombie apocalypse, under what scenario would that ever happen?” he asked.

Before breaking for lunch, the Senate voted 21-15 against considering HB 7181, which combined the state pension overhaul with a measure concerning municipal pension plans that already passed the Senate unanimously in a separate bill.

zombie darren soto florida senate

Earlier, “zombie apocalypse” was in the actual amendment text of Florida Senator Bullard’s amendment to S.296, so it’s possible the phrase slipped into the pension vocabulary from that.

Zombies are not foreign to pension arguments, and this is Florida, so maybe Senator Soto would have used this phrase regardless of Senator Bullard’s usage. Still, this sure was a busy zombie law day even for Florida and it’s hard not to assume that these references are at least somewhat connected. This is what they mean by a viral meme; it spreads.

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