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Florida: “An act relating to the zombie apocalypse”

April 30, 2014

HuffingtonPost: “Here’s A Zombie Apocalypse Amendment That Actually Makes Sense” by Janie Campbell:

seven words proposed by state Senator Dwight Bullard (D-Cutler Bay) have been filed to make a point

Those seven words are proposed as amendment to a Florida bill that would allow gun owners to travel with their gun in the event of an emergency;

An act relating to the zombie apocalypse

zombie dwight bullard

Somewhat ironically, Florida State Senator Bullard tweeted in the morning:

Save the pomp let’s pass some bills!! I respect all my fellow Senators, but Floridians are in need of action on real issues.

So then he filed this that night… because of course, zombies are real!

zombie apocalypse florida legislation

I agree with what Janie Campbell wrote:

Finally, the undead amendment we always wanted! And yes, we’re getting it framed, too.

In fact, everyone should get it framed! Here, buy it on Cafepress? If not the framed print, maybe a T-shirt or a Beach towel or playing cards?

zombie apocalypse amendment framed printzombie law playing cards florida gun amendmentzombie florida law tshirts

I’ve set the pricing tier to “low” but unfortunately the Cafepress prices are not that low. So, I think I’ll just print out a copy of the proposed amendment and tape it to my wall.

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