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Coincidence? Frozen dances Thriller, Game of Thrones freezes baby

April 29, 2014

Gone viral is this parody of Disney’s “Frozen” to dance the zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s classic “Thrillerdance Youtube video by NostalgicFangirl:

A comment from “That guy you may or may not know” asks:

How can something be this creepy and awesome at the same time ?

That’s called the “uncanny valley” and is the weird realm between good simulations and actual reality. Here there is a similar issue occurring with the simulation of a simulation. The movie animation is so good it brings the characters to life and this zombie puppet dance version feels eerie.

Speaking of eerie and uncanny, this coincidental timing with this week’s episode of HBO‘s “Game of Thrones” in which the White Walkers get a new frozen baby:

game of thrones make new white walker frozen baby

So it’s a white demon who touches the sacrificial baby and freezes him into an undead frozen walker?

Now, for the trifecta of this zombie viral marketing:

Idina Menzel, the Broadway star and voice of Queen Elsa in “Frozen”, recently mentioned to People magazine that her baby loves “Thriller”:

the actress admits her 4-year-old son Walker would rather channel another iconic character. “We’re supposed to go to a Frozen event, and I thought he would want to dress up as something from the movie,” she says. “And I asked him, ‘Who?’ He said he wanted to dress up like the Michael Jackson zombie from ‘Thriller.’ ”

All of this could be coincidental timing but I suspect that there is some coordinated marketing amongst these big media players.

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