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National High School Mock Trial Championship: “zombie” fact-pattern

April 21, 2014

From Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: “State Bar tops funding goal for zombie-themed mock trial nationals in Madison” by Bruce Vielmetti:

three weeks to go before 1,000 visitors descend on Madison for the National High School Mock Trial Championship,

46 teams from 42 states plus Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and South Korea will compete.

more than 70 pages of case materials, issued April 1.

The Estate of George Romero v. Ash Williams contends that Williams poisoned Romero, his business partner, during a launch of their company’s new energy drink, Zombiepocalypse, because Williams feared Romero was about to leave the company and take its intellectual property.

In the stipulated glossary of terms, “zombie” is defined on page 21:

The body of a dead person given the semblance of life. In traditional fiction and religion, the zombie is created supernaturally. Modern zombie fiction often attributes the cause to a virus. Zombies typically cannot be killed except by beheading them or destroying their brains with bullets or blows to the head

The names of the characters (party names and witnesses) in this fictional case pattern are taken from famous zombie associations, and page 75 uses the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation logo (the same logo involved in the court martial of Spc. Moyers). Also, the case is about chemical toxicity which is also related to zombies, see bath salts and caffeine.


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