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Zombie Jesus Weed Christmas Hitler’s Birthday open doors for Elijah

April 20, 2014

Today’s cosmic alignment of Passover, Easter and the modern calendar 4/20 is a conceptual blend for zombie lovers to enjoy.

Adolf Hitler was supposedly born on April 20th, 1889. That makes today his 125th birthday. Zombies and Nazi‘s have a lot in common – we enjoy killing them in video games – acceptable to kill in First Person Shooter games – outsider Others by their definition.

These concepts emphasize the idea that there are others. That there are those we need to kill.

On Community, a fantasy episode in G.I. Joe cartoon world. When they kill Destro, they realize that Joes and Cobra are really on the same side. They are both Go JoeBra – or is that go Hasbro? The enemy of both Cobra and GI Joe is anyone against war-toys for children. Because war and killing are fun in virtual but not when it’s for real. Suppressive fire wins A-team but doesn’t end wars (perpetuates?). Must Superman kill Zod?

fourth wall community

And now we need to lock the school doors with security guards and metal detectors? Should we instead open the door and let Elijah come for wine. Do not fear the trojan Elijah. Mark the door with the blood of lambs. Let them come at us, our doors are open, we’ll share our wine, our weed, tonight we feast at what could be our Last Supper. Eat of human flesh, drink of human blood, know that it will be one of us who will betray us. Was Jesus an African Jewish Rabbi or a Magical Lich?

last supper zombies

Thomas Aquinas wrote about “The Punishment of Demons” in Question64 of Sumna Theologica. Alfred J. Freddoso, a scholar at Nortre Dame has made a modern translation of Question64:

The demons have fear with respect to what is future in the same way that they have sorrow over what is present. Now the cited verse, “He was made to fear no one,” is talking about the fear of God that keeps one from sinning. For in another place Scripture says that “the demons believe and tremble” (James 2:19)

Kierkegaard‘s fear and trembling. Hunter Thompson’s fear and loathing? (Bill Murray‘s version!)

buffalo roam hunter thompson

In question 46 of Freddoso’s Aquinas, an ontology:

the world existed before it began to exist —which is impossible.


nothing of time exists except the now. time cannot come into existence except with respect to some now
… because time begins from that now.

See similarly a new Tumblr that conceptually blends the cartoon “Family Circus” with the HBO show “True Detective”: “Time is a Flat Circus”

Beware, the Lord who kills first born sons with video games and the magic of Hobbiton weed.

Jesus is real. This is a tautology. He is a word. He is a word and as a word has certain cognitive linguistic properties. Other words include: zombie, autism, electron. These are all notions for “unobservables” and yet, in context, we have some notions of “entity realism“.

The best evidence for the existence of unobservable reality is “manipulative success” which is to say (of electron-like particles) “if you can spray them, then they are real.”, or falsifiable by double blind controlled experiment can show reliable significant differences. Which is all well and good until we also accept that “repetition” is another word, and another literal impossibility because of the unique forward progression of time (unless it’s always now).

Some phenomenon are more repeatable than others. This relates to the transmission of scientific knowledge from the laboratory to the farm to the kitchen. What is the role of the Church, the media, the family dinner? What history will we talk with the children? Are some questions inherently wicked? Blunt his teeth or send him to a speech pathologist? Autism is a spectrum, so is zombie, so is Jesus. All concepts are spectral!

Let the concepts blur, all of them – Welcome to the melting pot of conceptual synesthesia . Welcome to American zombie in 2014: Resurrection of Hitler’s Weed, beware the words, they are their own beginning, know not what they do.

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