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Boyes: “zombie Soviet Union”

April 17, 2014

TheTimes: “The rational Putin has to rein in the mad one” by Roger Boyes:

Russia has become a prime exporter of chaos. Its subversive use of the rent-a-mob in the townships of eastern Ukraine shows the Kremlin is now ready to manipulate national identity, contest international frontiers and upset the post-Cold War order — in the name of what? A new Greater Russia? Reviving the zombie Soviet Union?

zombie roger boyes

Mr. Boyes is British and has been The Times foreign correspondent for 35 years in Berlin giving him a close perspective on the Soviet Union. Maybe it also makes him a zombie?

See also other ZombieLaw on Russia, or Putin, or the Cold War.

Meanwhile, Tilda Swinton who plays a vampire hipster in Jim Jarmusch’s new movie, has recently called Putin a vampire, see Moviefone: “Tilda Swinton’s Dig at Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Worthy of Your Attention” by Jenni Miller. Putin’s wife also called him that – see MoscowTimes:”Lyudmila Putina Once Called Her Husband a Vampire“.


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