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UPDATE3: Nightmare sentenced -and more zombie drug criminals

April 15, 2014

HeraldPaladium: “Mask-wearing robber gets minimum 6-year sentence” By Scott Aiken is an update on the case of Martin Hinrichs, also known as “Nightmare”:

Coloma man who used a pellet gun and wore a zombie mask to hold up a gas station was sentenced Monday to a minimum prison term of six years.

Recall this story from previous ZombieLaw posts (the APB on FB, the arrest in Florida, and the plea)

Hopefully Mr. Hinrichs will receive some drug counseling in prison and maybe some job training. It would be really sad if the next update on this case is when he gets out and commits another crime, but really is the system expecting anything different? He has a juvenile record and is apparently a drug addict. How can we help people like this? Is there any chance that he could one day work as a Wesco instead of robbing it?

Meanwhile another “zombie” has been arrest for burglary in the UK, see HullDailyMail: “‘Zombie’ burglar Andrew Steeley from Hull jailed for stealing from home of cancer patient“:

A prolific burglar who had been released from prison on licence stole from the home of a cancer patient as she slept in the living room. Drug-fuelled Andrew Steeley, 34, was like a “zombie” when he entered a bungalow …

So again, this “zombie” is a recidivist on drugs.

Ok, so back to prison for these drug addicts? Is that really the only solution? And once there, maybe let’s put them on more drugs – see CBC: “Prisoners given powerful drugs off-label, allegedly to ‘control behaviour’” by Timothy Sawa:

“The one thing with prison is that they like to heavily medicate people, and I’m a prime example,” one of the women interviewed for the study said. “Seroquel, stuff like that. I was on a lot of medications. I was a walking zombie. I could not function. I do not remember half of my time.”

Something is wrong with this system!

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