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Tear gas used on students

April 15, 2014

WesternHerald: “‘Worst pain ever’: Students describe tear gas incident” by Hannah Ball:

Tear gas was released into a crowd of over 2,000 students on April 12 after police received several disturbance complaints near Western Michigan University and the crowd became hostile, according to a press release from the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.

One of the participants of the “House Crawl” event was WMU student Gino Borri who said he saw an estimate of 20 police officers in riot gear near Lafayette Street.

“It was crazy. The entire block was covered in tear gas. It looked like an airborne virus from a zombie movie or something,” Borri said.

Borri is also a rapper who goes by the name ‘Gino The Ghost’ and another article in the Western Herald also by Hannah Ball reported on his performance at SXSW.

So I guess we can hope that there will be some interesting music written about this experience, but damn, did they really need to break out tear gas on a bunch of drunk college kids? What is this country coming to?


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