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Rush Limbaugh Zombie

April 15, 2014

Rush Limbaugh: “Conformity and Control Is Behind Junk Analyses & Diagnoses of Our Kids“:

Baby Boom parents want to do right by their kids, and here come medical authorities, “Oh, yeah, we’ve identified a problem, ADD.”

“Well, what’s the cure?”

“Well, we’ll give your kid a drug to calm him down, turn him into a zombie. Won’t pull any girls’ pigtails and is gonna sit quietly and learn the lesson.” It turns him into daydreamer, and so then they create another disorder to deal with the zombie that they created. Sluggish cognitive tempo, characterized by lethargy, daydreaming, and slow mental process. Do you realize how many people that could sweep up? Do you daydream? … It’s a psychological disorder.

zombie rush limbaugh

Well, if anyone should know about prescription medications turning people into zombies, I guess it would be Rush. Here he’s talking about ADHD medications but pain killers are also reported to have this effect.

Also recall Channing Tatum referred to ADHD medication zombies.

And again this relates to zombie education and high stakes testing.

Limbaugh’s appeal to daydreamers is somewhat ironic because he considers himself a conservative.

“All power to the imagination!” was a slogan of the Situationist International during their anti-Capitalist activities in Paris 1968. Presumably, Limbaugh does not share many political ideals with those Marxists, but then again, maybe there is a way to read Limbaugh as a form of Theater of the Oppressed? After all, he is nothing if not spectacle but he speaks as if he is trying to reawaken some kind of more authentic life. Too bad the Brecht Forum is closing, maybe they could have had a panel about it, but their last scheduled event is a workshop on TO so maybe there’s still time to examine this.

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