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‘Zombiepocalypse’ in Brooklyn

April 10, 2014

VillageVoice: “The Zombie Apocalypse Is Located on a Terrifying Street Corner in Vinegar Hill, According to Google Maps” by Anna Merlan:

In these uncertain times, it’s natural for one’s thoughts to turn towards the inevitable nuclear war/pandemic/act of bioterrorism that will finally doom us as a species. Most of us will be wiped out, of course, and most of the ones who remain will be drooling, shuffling, hollow-eyed wraiths, subsisting only on the brains of the living. (No, not members of Congress. Although that’s also a good guess.)

Ha. Everyone loves a good zombie congress joke, but this article is actually about

when you search for “zombie apocalypse” in Google Maps … only one place has the all-caps, no-bullshit ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, and that place is Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, on the corner of John and Hudson streets.

zombie apocalypse con ed brooklyn vinegar hill

Merlan continues:

“What the hell is that?” you ask, reaching for your sawed-off shotgun. It’s the Con Edison Hudson Avenue Generating Station…

A defunct old school power plant that according to Merlan was built in the 1930s and mostly shutdown in 2011.

In 2001 in the NYTimes, Richard Pérez-Peña wrote “Con Ed Is Planning To Fire Up a Plant Known as a Polluter“, and referred to it as:

the most polluting power plant in New York City … burns oil, a much dirtier fuel than the natural gas used by newer plants

Pérez-Peña wrote that it was built in 1951, so that makes it a little younger than Merlan said, but still before current emissions standards. Not sure if it ever reopened as per that 2001 article, and also unsure what kind of damage it might have sustained during Superstorm Sandy, and what if anything might have been left in there to wash into the flood waters and leech into the ground.

Here is a permit filing from the Department of Environmental Conservation, Effective Date: 01/07/2013:

Emissions of regulated pollutants from the facility are significantly reduced.

That’s good.

Merlan apologetically uses the term “zombiepocalypse” to describe this place and credits Stephen Benavides for the Google find.

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