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“Why does it feel so good, so good to be bad”

April 10, 2014

capitalfm: “David Guetta Unveils Zombie-Themed Song Lyric Video For New Single ‘Bad’“:

David Guetta … French DJ and producer has teamed up with both Showtek and Australian singer Vassy for the new single

David Guetta & Showtek – Bad ft. Vassy (Official Audio)

LAist: “Tilda Swinton And Tom Hiddleston Are Sexy Hipster Vampires In ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’“:

Adam hates leaving the house because he can’t stand to be in the presence of “zombies,” as he calls the rest of humanity. …

… Los Angeles (“Zombie central,” sneers Adam),

Writer-director-indie-god Jim Jarmusch is quoted in Sydney Morning Herald: “Only Lovers Left Alive: Of flesh and blood” by Stephanie Bunbury:

For Jarmusch, who is proud to call himself a dilettante, it was simply self-evident that anyone living for centuries must be thrilled by the world. ”It would be awfully boring if they just lived for hundreds of years and didn’t know shit about anything; then they would be zombies,” he says.

”The zombie way is not to see the beautiful, strange, odd things in the world. No matter how long you live as a human, you can never absorb all these amazing things – paintings, designs of bridges, things people think of, scientific inventions! I just wake up thinking: ‘Wow, the Higgs boson, they’re going to use the particle accelerator, what’s going on?’ So many things are exciting.”

[Did you hear they found a new particle composed of four quarks?]

Even if Shakespeare was really a zombie for Marlowe, we can still appreciate the culture, though LAist concludes:

They’re certainly the snobbiest hipsters you’ll ever meet, but they have the cred to back it up.

All this reminds me of immediately previous post about Zombie Brooklyn, which was about a land-use environmental issue, but because it’s northwest Brooklyn inherently implies hipster.

Meanwhile, ZombieLaw readers may be asking, “Wait, I thought this was a “zombie” law blog? Why the music and movies, where’s Oscar Pistorius?”

And as I tweeted yesterday, I don’t really care about the Oscar Pistorius trial. Yes, the word “zombie” is apparently relevant to his trial. It’s a gun or the feel of the force of the gun?? Zombie Stopper?

It’s questionable if he was thinking of killing a zombie or a watermelon, or who cares? I’ll leave that for the tabloids. There are trials every day in every jurisdiction, why does the media only cover a few crazy trials? What if we covered the mundane ones? That would be real news, instead as with CNN’s zombie plane, the media news is an alternate reality designed to distract the national attention.

This Pistorius trial as portrayed in the media, is entertainment not law. Maybe I’ll cover it more when the noise dies down or if someone can get me a complete and reliable transcript. For now, here’s Liberty Voice: “Oscar Pistorius Zombie Stopper – Watermelon Softer Than Brain” by Penny Swift – and also from, the video:

Also, it is kind of interesting that zombie found it’s way into this trial because it relates to violence against women, and also because he is an accomplished athlete with artificial legs. These issues of feminism and technology‘s role in embodied cognition, are both important for zombies (as are guns).

Also, incidentally, a Zombie Stopper is a expensive gun-sight made by EOTech, a Michigan based company that describes itself as

world leader of HOLOgraphic Weapons Sights for small arms and close quarters combat.

Sounds like the kind of thing mounted on a Star Trek Borg’s eye. And so again I note, that Pistorius has artificial legs and that these kind of technology-enhanced-human-cyborgs are becoming more and more real.

Looping back to the Guetta-SHOWTEK-Vassy music video at the start of this post, military technology is destroying the zombies; vampires and romantics beware, the food chain is in danger. The media economy is rotting everyone’s brains.

You see, why does it feel so good, so good to be bad

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