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Self-expression and dogs

March 31, 2014

Telegram: “Self-expression is the rule at tattoo festival” by James F. Russell, about Massachusetts Tattoo and Art Festival:

Fiction writer D.D. Baines had a booth at the festival and was touting “Donna the Dead Presents Sex Ed. for the Undead.”

Ms. Baines, 29, of Holden said the 75-page work contrasts with most representations of zombies that eat and kill humans.

“Rather than eating humans, all the zombies can have sex to live a healthy zombie lifestyle, without eating other people. It is good for zombie-human relationships.”

This season on the television show “American Horror Story: Coven” there was relations between witches and a zombie boyfriend. Maybe that’s one reason for Harvard’s zombie neuroscientist Dr. Schlozman became interested in witches.

No matter what Justice Scalia may opine, human-zombie-witch relations need not be a slippery slope to bestiality!

Though dogs do desire, and they can indicate those desires with eye contact, there’s a difference in their sense of others’ minds, of others’ desires.

In Scientific American: “Dog Destroys Humanity in World War Z” by Julie Hecht

…many dogs show gaze alternation to direct a person’s attention to the object of interest. It’s like dogs are pointing with their eyes and body positioning. Gaze alternation, lucky you, is often accompanied by lots and lots of barking. World War Z uses this well-known behavior to move the plot forward. But the gaze alternation presented in World War Z has some flaws. Not just because there are no zombies in the real world (I hope) but because dogs tend to show gaze alternation to request something that they want for themselves, not to inform nearby humans of something that the humans might want to know about. This is a subtle but meaningful distinction.

Hecht is a researcher at the Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College in NYC. SUCH WOW – I had no idea that there was a dog cognition lab at Barnard. Do they know the zombie cats at Teachers College?

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