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Retiring police dog named ‘Zombie’

March 28, 2014

Police dogs lauded as they enter retirement” by Melissa Powell:

Zombie, an 8-year-old Dutch shepherd with the Blacksburg Police Department … Officer Jason Blackburn, who was Zombie’s handler

Is that really his name, Officer Blackburn of the Blacksburg P.D., really?!

Also, it may be interesting to look at other ZombieLaw on police or dogs or nicknames. Interesting that the name “zombie” is used both by criminals and by the police.

Also, recently, “Where have all the dogs gone?” by Ian McInnes:

I haven’t seen animals go zombie.

And of course, how could we talk about dogs without mentioning zombie poop;

WHY DON’T ZOMBIES POOP? Or do number ones for that matter.

I expect Officer Blackburn can attest otherwise.

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