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FDA public comment on fibromylagia medications

March 26, 2014

FDA Hears From Fibromyalgia Patients” by Pat Anson:

Dozens of fibromyalgia sufferers -– some of them in tears -– told a Food and Drug Administration panel today that many of the drugs and treatments they take for the disorder don’t work, leaving them fatigued, depressed and in chronic pain.

“I found the FDA approved drugs Lyrica and Cymbalta cause more problems and didn’t alleviate the pain,” said Ryan. “Lyrica addressed sleep, but it did this too well. I felt like a walking zombie and wanted to sleep all the time and had no motivation. It did not address my pain at all.”

For more information about this panel, see “Fibromyalgia Public Meeting on Patient-Focused Drug Development

See also, more zombie fibromyalgia.

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