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What does this zombies graffiti mean?

March 21, 2014

What does this zombie graffiti mean?

This graffiti was spotted underground in the New York subway at 49th street, at the downtown N/R stop.

new york graffiti zombies gap

The first word appears to be “zombies”. The next line appears to be “isix” or “is ix” and the next line is maybe “sxcyo”? Is it some variation of ‘zombies sick psycho’? doubtful.

Is it relevant that it’s GAP ad with slogan: “Lived In.” Or would any empty space have suited this artist’s message.

Anyone with leads on this zombie art, please comment or tweet.

Does it matter what it means? Presumably if the artist were to identify themselves and explain it, they would be subject to arrest for misdemeanor vandalism if not more serious offenses. But who cares what the author thinks it meant? The author is a function designed to impose responsibility and liability. Public graffiti, is a voice of the people, the defacement of commercial speech seems like it should the first amendment right of all. But of course, that’s not what they authors of the Constitution probably intended. Who cares, it can mean whatever we want it to mean. Revolution!

Probably just a kid with a marker. But oh, the weight of that political action in naivete of insane youth. What if everyone took to writing on all the advertisements. They replace them frequently anyway. So why not make all the advertising spaces into public spaces? The advertisers might pay less, but maybe they could be somehow convinced to pay more for the interactivity?

See Investor: “Facebook Sticking It to Brands – Great News for FB Stock” by Tom Taulli:

Mark Zuckerberg has gone to zombie-esque language. But rather than moaning “Brainsssss,” the Facebook CEO can only be heard repeating “monetizaaaaaaation, mooooooobile.”

Let’s compare the MTA and Facebook as if they were both public utilities. The MTA charges per ride. Facebook does not. Facebook is going to bilk the big brands. The MTA keeps raising user rates.

I have no idea where I am going with this comparison, but I think someone else could maybe do the heavy lifting on this budget analysis and find some interesting arguments. I sure hope the answer isn’t for Facebook to start charging monthly or per ride. It seems fair to ask the mega-users to pay more, but it would seem ideal for everyone to get plenty of free rides.

Someone should write that on a wall. FREE RIDES FOR EVERYONE! Ya know, like this blog, that you read for free. Because it’s worthless. Or priceless. Or whatever. Who cares… Free Reads!

And how does this relate to net neutrality and netflix throttling? And did I really start this rant because of a scribble on a clothing ad? See, symbols can mean whatever we want them to mean. Don’t let them throttle meaning.

If Facebook can monetize viewer into infrastructure, why can’t the MTA fund more free rides with more advertising? Do they actually want to discourage people from freely moving around the city; a tiny disincentive that disproportionately effects low income people.

If we were willing to log into Facebook and tag when we enter the subway or use a bus, would the advertising meta-data be worth the price of a monthly metro card? Would that loss of privacy be worth the benefit? And they then change advertising based on who was currently on the train? Would the vandal still have felt the need to write on the ad if it wasn’t a Gap ad? And if so, then the Facebook tracking would know who was in the system… it could be a boon for everyone!

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