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watching extinction from gentrified tenements

March 21, 2014

Scientists resign ‘living dead’ species to extinction, call for triage debate” by Margot O’Neill:

“We call those living dead or zombie species because the likelihood of them persisting for any reasonable amount of time in the future is pretty low,” Professor Bradshaw said.

He says conservation should prioritise those species critical to our life support system. That means a pollinating insect could be more important than a beautiful bird.

“Things in the soil that allow us to grow crops, the slimy oozy parts of the wetlands that purify our water, all the creepy crawlies that pollinate all of our crops so we can eat,” he said.

Environment Minister vows to help ‘as many species as possible’

Everyone wants to save the pretty species but the hidden uglies are what we need.

This extinction story plus yesterday’s NASA-end-of-the-world report, suggests the anthropocene isn’t just coming, it’s already here.

New York Observer: “The Finest in Gentrification: W. Village Tenement Goes Luxe, Asks $22.5 M” By Chris Pomorski:

A former tenement house that once belonged to real estate hoarder William Gottlieb, 79 Horatio has undergone the better portion of a gut renovation … the home will also make for an excellent bunker in the event, say, of zombie apocalypse. “If the power shuts down,” Mr. Ryan told us, “pretty much all of your systems are going to function.” That includes the climate control for the glass-walled wine room in the cellar … can you think of a more comfortable and advantageous locale from which to observe the breakdown of social order?


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