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The zombie plane

March 21, 2014

Io9: “Someone doesn’t understand what a zombie is” was clearly written by someone who disagrees with argument that zombie is every disaster-fear.

Zombie plane is catchy but I think they need to find a more accurate term.

It is a response to CNN‘s use of “zombie” to refer to the possibility that everyone on that missing plane was unconscious and the plane flew itself for a few hours before crashing into oblivion.

Mediaite has good coverage of this CNN piece “CNN Breaks Down the ‘Zombie Plane’ Theory” by Matt Wilstein, with embedded clip of the CNN segment by Suzanne Malveaux, hosted by Wolf Blitzer.

So it’s a zombie plane because something knocked out the consciousness of all the humans, and the plane kept on keeping on. This plays to “zombie” as “automaton“.

Then there’s the issue that this theory is itself a sort of zombie idea because it has been somewhat refuted by the other “facts“. Except, what’s a fact? We don’t know the end of this story yet, so nothing can be certain and all theories are still in play.

And that’s why this story keeps going. There are so few known facts, so it’s all just fun speculation and conjecture from misinformation. It’s a perfect bizarre distraction for media-entertainment industry to exploit, while ignoring so many other stories.

Did CNN report on weev‘s appeal? Even if they did, I’m sure they talked less about CFAA all year than about the plane this week.

It’s all just wag the dog.

This is why it’s really a zombie plane. A distraction for the zombies away from all the other real world events happening all over the world, for which they might actually intervene. Ukraine? Hackers? End-of-world? Extinction?

Maybe flying meatballs with sharp teeth ate the plane? See at Io9: “No one? Really?”
flying meatballs with teeth

[and see also the zombie plane, Flight 575 in World War Z]


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