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You are a complete idiot. Yes you. It’s ok, me too.

March 19, 2014

ReligionDispatches: “You Can’t be the Face of Religious Liberty and Spew Hatred of Religion” by Alana Massey:

social media flame wars in which intellectuals take on nonsensical believers making asinine claims about things like biblical inerrancy and Christian morals with no basis in the Gospels. Bill Maher…

Sometimes it’s meant for a laugh, while others use it to jumpstart diatribes… man-in-the-sky talk, calling Jesus a zombie, mocking belief itself rather than its violent by-products. As a fan of the First Amendment, I’m glad that such critics are not silenced for it. But by maligning such a huge swath of Earth’s population, such figures cannibalize their credibility as the primary defenders of religious freedom. Not because they aren’t sincere in their convictions that persecution of all kinds is unjust but because people generally don’t want the public face of their fight to call them complete idiots.

So, first off, Jesus was a Lich. Second, yes mock belief, belief is rediculous; credibility is a major issue for zombies (related to authority and truthiness: facts/lies). Finally, we may not like it, but we are all “complete idiots” … “utterly stupid”.

The grim reality is that religious persecution is alive and well in this world.

And the reality is that you CAN be the face of liberty and spew hatred.

Massey wouldn’t book a speaking engagement with a chauvinist equal pay advocate. But I think we shouldn’t wait for a champion that shares every value. Join together on causes we can agree. Don’t be afraid to share the stage with others that are less than credible. We are all less than credible. None of us have a monopoly on truth.

Look, even a bank can apologize, in Florida, “Zombie home is bank blunder, Chase apologizes” by Kimberly Miller:

The decaying home at 8072 Burlington Court in suburban Lake Worth should be cleaned up soon following a Monday apology by JPMorgan Chase, which said a miscommunication is to blame for the maintenance slip.

Yes, a miscommunication. Sure. This is a follow up to a story referenced here at ZombieLaw: “Return of Zombie Foreclosures”,

And now this same Florida city is going to arrest anyone found in these abandoned homes: “New ordinance allows Lake Worth deputies to make arrests of people illegally in vacant or abandoned homes“.

Hmmm, but who is going to consent to the police search of the premises? Or is a house just obviously vacant? But who is going to swear to the complaint that says these people had no permission to be there? If the situation in these so-called zombie foreclosures is that the bank hasn’t claimed title and the former homeowner is gone, how can the police enter the premises and demand identification?

Let’s not forget that some of these so-called zombie foreclosures are the result of bank fraud. Result of robo-signing and sub prime and CDO and a collapsed economy at a national scale. The homeowners were screwed by world market forces beyond their control and now the banks are trying to clean their books by blaming crack heads and using politicians to speed up the process.

Most of the zombie homeowners are not crack heads, they are people who have been, are being, and continue to be screwed. Some of these homeowners have up and walked away, but others are still trying to find a solution with their bank. The government bailed out the banks but the homeowners never felt it, and now the remaining holdouts are being compared to drug-users.

This is political rhetoric designed to demonize. But to who’s benefit? Politicians have already missed the boat when they are trying to fix the community blight by short selling homes to land banks. Red bank, blue bank. They have all forgotten about the homeowner. They just assume that person is gone. Or that the debt is now so high they can never pay it. The zombie house is presumed empty and falling apart. So they will short sell it to a political organization? Why not short sell it to the homeowner?

There are real people who were hurt in the economic crash and deceived by their lenders, induced into foreclosure, and who deserve at the very least an apology, PLUS interest rate deductions and loan abatement.

The trouble is sorting it all out. Who are zombies and who are the homeowners that can be helped? Which mortgages can never be foreclosed on because they accidentally destroyed the note? I don’t know how we know that, no bank is going to admit that. And the further we get from 2008 the harder it is to put everyone back into fair positions from before the bank-manufactured-crisis.

What I do know is that I can advocate banking freedom and still spew hatred of banks. We shouldn’t have bailed out anybody, but we did, so we should rescue the zombies too; we made them! Cure them with money-loan-credits directly to original homeowner-borrowers, not new banks!


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