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Hey you, please buy a book!!! plus trademarks, oranges, healthcare, CDC and e-cigs

March 19, 2014

ZombieLaw is getting a nice little traffic bump today because the recent post “Why Zombies” has been retweeted a dozen times today.

Unfortunately, none of you seem to be clicking on any of the books available at Amazon. Please buy a book!!! Or a zombie USB? Or what would you buy? T-shirts?

Meanwhile in other zombies;

TechDirt: “Schlafly Beer Trademark App Brings Out All The Egomaniacal Schlaflys In Existence“:

disputes over completely dissimilar lables, and depictions of zombie trademark lawyers doing what zombie trademark lawyers do: kill the living.

And the Florida crop report refers to invasive insects and the real estate crisis: “Orange crop estimate: 114 million boxes” by Gary Pinnell:

reason for production declines? Also, the nursery industry was hit by psyllids, and zombie groves that were purchased in boom times to develop houses. When the boom busted, fledgling grove owners harvested the crops, but they didn’t invest money over the last half-decade to remove unproductive trees and replant new ones.

Also from Florida news, “Planned Parenthood supporters rally in capital for health care expansion” by James L. Rosica:

“If you’re sick and you don’t have access, you’re almost like a zombie,” Joyner said. “Just floating around, praying and hoping that somebody will help you get medical care. That is not the way it’s supposed to be in America.”

Better prepare – Forbes: “Is The CDC Planning For A Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse?” by Melanie Haiken:

Are you prepared for a Walking Dead-style zombie apocalypse? The CDC hopes so. No, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does not see an invasion of re-animated corpses as a realistic future scenario. But the office of emergency preparedness does want you to be prepared for one.

Finally, at Berkeley Blog: “What do zombies, body snatchers, and the tobacco industry have in common?” by medical epidemiologist Tomás Aragón about e-cigarettes:

We can all imagine zombies trying to get into our home — which we have fortified to protect us from the walking dead. The zombies are the tobacco industry. The fortified home is legislation to protect us from getting bitten and becoming one of them — nicotine addicted walking dead.

Why would anyone want anyone to become addicted to nicotine? Only if you can make ‘lots of money from it, I suppose. You would also have to be heartless — a zombie!

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