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Zombie Drugs: marijuana heroin DOC

March 15, 2014

From Local10: “Medical marijuana issue to be fought out in Broward Co. courtroom” investigated by Bob Norman, a young man with ADD is fighting his criminal charges in Florida for marijuana possession based on “medical necessity”. Trial is set for April 22nd. In the video, the young man says:

If you want to put me in jail because I medicate myself, go ahead.

He claims that doctors have diagnosed him with ADD and that the marijuana is superior than the prescription pills like Ritalin and Adderall. Norman asks, “What effect did the pills have on you?”:

Man just sleeping patterns, eating, I lost weight, I just, I didn’t not feel right, I felt like a zombie, a ghost.

Speaking of green, zombies in a St. Patrick’s day parade in Rep-AM: “Hey, they were already green“.

Meanwhile in California, where marijuana can be legally purchased with medical recommendation, “Mountain View Police on alert after teen overdoses on new drug” By John Sasaki:

DOC, or Dimethoxy Chloro-Amphetamine, is reported to have both hallucinogenic effects like LSD and speedy effects like amphetamine.

“The only trending as far as signs and symptoms is a zombie like state, the person’s sort of out of it, but they are very hyper aware and hyper sensitive. So, they can see real well and hear real well, but they’re out of it,” said [Sgt. Saul Jaeger of the Mountain View Police].


Meanwhile, in Australia, Daily Telegraph: “Liquid handcuffs shackle addicts” by Miranda Devine about heroin addicted methadone users:

Condemned to a twilight existence of zombie addiction on welfare in Tamworth — with rotting teeth, sleep problems, depleted sex drive, diminished sense of taste or smell — they were locked into daily visits to the local chemist for their fix.


“There was never any intention to get them off methadone,” says retired pharmacist Phil O’Grady, who recalls zombies lining up for their fix in Fairfield in the 1990s. “We don’t give them the opportunity.”

Finally, in Seattle, KoMoNews”Burglary suspect goes full zombie, allegedly bites victim” by Michael Harthorne:

A 32-year-old woman did her best zombie impression — even going so far as to being unfazed by a stun gun — by biting a South Park resident who suddenly found her inside his house, according to the Seattle Police Department.
… According to the report, the men used the stun gun on the suspect, but she continued to struggle.

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