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Ukraine zombie – what this means?

March 8, 2014

Clashes over self-proclaimed governor in Donetsk” by Daryna Shevchenko and Kostyantyn Chernichkin:

“Now even more people will come to the rally, because if he (Gubarev) is taken to Kyiv then the Right Sector will make a zombie of him,” says Oleksiy Matviychuk, a construction worker and protest participant from Donetsk.

Was that in English or translated?

According to Wikipedia: The Right Sector is

a Ukrainian nationalist paramilitary and political opposition collective of several organizations, described by some major newspapers as having far right to neofascist views.

So Gubarev is against them?? Is the protest participant saying that they will make him a matyr? or use him to justify further fascism? or that they are going to kill him? or?

More information is available at an earlier article “Donetsk’s self-proclaimed separatist governor talks to journalists, gets arrested” by Daryna Shevchenko, but still I can’t say that I understand Ukrainian politics. I think it has something to with this rich guy Serhiy Taruta?


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