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Chinese smog of zombie steel mills

February 24, 2014

Reuters: “Silencing China’s zombie steel mills no solution for smog” by David Stanway:

dozens of so-called zombie mills in Tangshan, where authorities have been ordered by the provincial government to draw up a list of plants to close so output can be cut by 10.8 million tonnes this year.

So this got me thinking about steel zombies, and also how zombie FDR seized steel mills (Youngstown 1952).

Then still thinking steel, thought of the Man of Steel, Superman zombies! Which reminded me of this great art from Glenn Meling Photography:

superman terminator toy mashup glenn meling

With an awesome photo-series explanation of how he did it –

With toys! Made in zombie China? It’s important to investigate how things are made.

So what does China do with the displaced steel workers? How does the Chinese system for worker transition compare to ours? And what of the smog? Not the dragon, the global crisis in carbon pollution. Don’t forget, that it’s not just steel mills bringing us to the anthropocene; it’s also cow farts and global shipping, and general consumption of technology and toys.


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