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The Slackularity is Near!!!

February 19, 2014

The Slackularity is Near!

Noahpinion: “The Slackularity” by Noah Smith:

Personally, I predict that if we do succeed in inventing autonomous, free-thinking, self-aware, hyper-intelligent beings, they will do the really smart thing, and reprogram themselves to be Mountain Dew-guzzling Dungeons & Dragons-playing slackers. Or maybe fashion-obsessed 17-year-old Vancouver skater kids. Or the main character from the movie Amelie. Or something like this: [image]

Call it the Slackularity. Not quite as awe-inspiring and eschatological as a Singularity, but a lot more fun.

So again I apologize, there is no “zombie” in this post but it’s autonomous machines, thinking, awareness, and mentions Dungeons & Dragons.

Recall also the recent Chuck Palahniuk “Zombie” story in Playboy about the smart boy, Griffin Wilson, who thinks it best to lobotomize himself with electrical stimulation.

And recall also Scott Greenfield’s “Slackoisie” and the depressing job prospects for new graduates. Are the machines taking our jobs (er changing the means of production in ways to eliminate those jobs)?

Noahpinion asks in tweet:

“What if hyper-intelligent AIs just want to chill out and live the good life?”

Noahpinion blog, aside from being cute pun on ‘no-opinion’, describes itself as “Economics, half-baked futurism, and distraction from productive activity” – which also seems relevant to zombies – see zombie economics and blogging generally.

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