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Monster in Law – arrested for late video tape

February 17, 2014

ArsTechnica: “Police arrest a woman for failing to return 9-year-overdue J-Lo VHS” by Megan Geuss, is a funny story of why it’s important to take care of any outstanding warrants, particularly before going to the police to report some other incident. And it all starts from not returning a video movie. This story has nothing to do with zombies per se, but the movie was “Monster in Law” and it’s an arrest on an old warrant —

See now this is where my blogging becomes unreliable science because I am not just studying the word but also propagating my characterizations of the meme. Like a poorly trained anthropologist, I am participating in the community I am studying. But this is inevitably a part of any social science enterprise.

so ok, maybe it’s just me, but reference to old technology VHS rentals and old warrants, and “Monster” it sure seems at least tangentially relevant to zombie law.

Also I don’t really feel motivated for a good zombie presidents post for today. Maybe in time for zombie George Washington‘s real birthday.

Until then, return your rented video cassettes (don’t forget to rewind!).

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