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Zombie Columbia River Crossing

February 14, 2014

The Oregonian: “Dead bills, live bills and one zombie: Oregon Legislature status report” by Harry Esteve:

Any bill that didn’t get a committee vote by the end of the day is considered kaput – although the dead have been known to rise again at the Capitol. Here are some highlights of bills that didn’t make it, ones that did, and ones that hover somewhere in between.

The only “zombie” bill listed is a “2.8 billion project” for Columbia River Crossing, stuck in legislative limbo, this project sounds like quality infrastructure maintenance. The exact kind of thing that could create jobs and be good for long term development and if you can’t finance it now, at low interest rates, then when do you expect to be able to finance it? Of course, a good idea, even with financing, does not always yield a successful project. There are delays and cost overruns. Ask any New Englander about the Big Dig and we may never build a public roadway (or any project) ever again.

The irony of this Oregon legislation list is that every other bill is on a topic more easily connected to zombie themes. E-cigs, privacy, alcohol, green energy, marijuana, guns, gambling, indigenous peoples, offensive mascots, – all of these issues seem more zombie-like than a highway construction project.

Legislatures are funny like that.


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