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Zombie Law GQ style

February 11, 2014

GQ: “This month in zombie legal issues…” by Charlie Burton asking three questions of Law Professor Rory Little of UC Hastings Law:

– If a zombie’s not attacking you, is it legit to pre-emptively kill it?
– What about raiding abandoned shops?
– One character kept zombies on chains for protection (although she had to first cut out their jaws). Is that cruelty against zombies?

Professor Little answers by assuming away the creature’s humanity, his “zombie” is completely animal . Steal abandoned food if you must, but property rights continue for other homeless humans. Don’t torture the zombies, but maybe remove the jaw and keep it for a pet….

Many thanks to @UCHastingsLaw tweeting and to @loweringthebar retweeting.

Recall also the zombie hypotheticals and mock trial from Law and the Multiverse and Broadcast Thought at last years Comic Con.

For those readers new to this Zombie blog, I remind readers that the zombies here at ZombieLaw are not hypothetical. This blog studies language use and is interested in the usage of the word (and related words) in real law and politics. Nevertheless, I applaud the efforts of these legal hypotheticians as they stem from the same vein of wanting to explore pop-culture in a way that learns about real law, or explore real law using pop -culture, one or the other…

In late 2012, Christopher Danzig, writing then at Above the Law, referred to my project as “Nerdy, but cool nonetheless” in “Whoa, This Zombie Law Thing Is Kind of Taking Off“.

Now early 2014, this zombie law thing has become totally GQ … “but cool nonetheless.”

But as one commenter already noted, this still “looks like the laziest and most worthless compilation of loosely related material that no one wants to read”…

“but cool nonetheless.”


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