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OMG zombies in my backyard!!

February 7, 2014

AMC’s “Walking Dead” did some guerrilla advertising in New York City’s Union Square.

PIX11: “WATCH IT: Zombie prank terrifies New Yorkers“:

… the show placed “zombies” beneath sidewalk grates in Union Square. As if walking across those things isn’t scary enough,

Daily News: “AMC’s The Walking Dead pranks New Yorkers by putting zombies in a subway grate” by Ethan Sacks:

It turns out even the most jaded of New Yorkers fears the zombie apocalypse.

Variety: “‘Walking Dead’ Zombies Prank NYC Pedestrians” by Andrea Seikaly:

jokesters infested a sidewalk grate in Union Square Park while hidden cameras caught unsuspecting pedestrians getting the shocks of their lifetimes. The result is the below video, titled “Walkers Lurk Below the Streets of NYC.”

Gawker: “Evil Walking Dead Zombie Prank Scares the Hell Out of New Yorkers” by Taylor Berman:

as “viral marketing” goes, this is pretty good.

I can’t believe the zombies were here and I missed them. Oh well, next time… I mean there are zombies in Union Square every day… it’s kind of our way of life… I think that’s why I didn’t realize the significance of Occupy when it was happening. It was just another day in the park, the same soap box conspiracy group, chess playing, healing crystal rock selling, street artists, chanting peace love and bootlegged movies! It’s been here all the time, but pushed down under the grates. The Bloomberg days are over, take back the streets!!!

Oh, and speaking of attempts at viral marketing, have you seen my new book effort, “Valentine’s Day in the Federal Courts“, it’s edited to be much smaller than “Zombie in the Federal Courts“, which is already much more edited than “Werewolf” or “Mad Scientist” which are hardly edited at all… They are all studies in correlational word meanings, finding patterns of collective consciousness in the collocation of words.

And so is it a coincidence that AMC would advertise in my backyard or is it a correlational effect? Did they come to me or am I only a byproduct of the ideas swirling around me? We are zombies to an intellectual-worldspace of ideas pushing our consciousness, and the media insanity mirrors it back in endless dialectic;

Happy early Valentine’s zombies…

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