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February 6, 2014

Zombie invasion: why we’re obsessed with the undead” by Jill Stark:

Pop-culture experts believe that beyond its escapism and entertainment appeal, the zombie genre attracts us by shining a light on our most challenging social issues and making us confront our deepest fears.

Researchers take a lively look at zombies” by Andrew Masterson:

zombies were pretty much a First World problem, with very few reports of undead outbreaks occurring in developing nations.

Zombies and Modern Love” by Kevin Ryan:

America loves zombies. … Calling it “malaise” sugarcoats the monster.

… what do you get the Mrs. for Valentine’s Day? Roses and a roll of barbed wire? Gift certificate to a good restaurant for her and a friend? “Chocolate coated Valium, sir? Always a politic choice. We have a his-and-hers special. …

Or if you want a great gift, how about my new book, “Valentine’s Day in the Federal Courts“, it’s part of the Law of the Horse series, but it’s different than the others. This book is much shorter, designed to be a Valentine’s gift, this book is like a poem of tiny excerpts from the federal court opinions that also mention “Valentine’s Day”. Also available as a Kindle edition for just 99-cents.

valentines day in the federal courtzombie in he federal court

Recall zombie boyfriends, and consider that zombies can be excellent loyal companions with deep emotional connections, but that they lack communication skills and dangers include date rape, physical and sexual assaults. Consider zombies connection to alcohol and drugs and dancing.

Kevin Ryan continues:

For happily married people, Valentine’s Day is just another opportunity to celebrate their relationship. For zombie couples, it’s like sticking in a fork to see if they’re done yet.

We’re not done yet. There are still more books I want to complete for this series and the “zombie” word continues to adhere to law and politics.


IBtimes: “Zombie Government Takes Over Britain” by Nick Assinder:

signs that Britain is facing months of rule by what amounts to a zombie government only being kept alive by the five-year electoral cycle they themselves introduced.


BostonGlobe: “Europe on the hunt for ‘zombie banks’” by David McHugh:

zombie banks — the walking dead among lenders, too financially troubled to loan money to an economy that desperately needs investment, growth and jobs.


The Swellesley Report: “Nearly naked, sleepwalking zombie sculpture triggers debate at Wellesley College” by bbrown, cites tweeter @elisabeth_caron:

In what universe is it acceptable to place a realistic statue of a naked man in a dedicated women’s space?

In a zombie universe! Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Finally, Kotaku: “South Park RPG Trailers Show off Mr. Hankey, Ginger Zombie Nazi Plague” by Andras Neltz, embeds this clip from South Park:

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