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Money, Legislation, Guns and more

February 2, 2014

This post includes some recent zombie money, zombie legislation, zombie guns, and more…

HousingWire: “The cure to zombie foreclosures” by Brena Swanson:

“Zombie properties will make it harder for Cook County to recover fully from the housing crisis, especially in the neighborhoods where they are concentrated,” Spencer Cowan, vice president of Woodstock Institute, said.

“Zombies introduce an element of uncertainty that poses barriers to returning homes to productive use or finding creative ways to deal with blighted properties,” Cowan said.

AOL: “Are your savings dying in a zombie account?” by

estimated 80% of savings accounts are ‘zombies‘, thanks to their pitiful interest rates and the fact they’re shut to new customers. These lifeless accounts pay as little as 0.1% interest.

Zombie Legislation in Arizona and Oregon:

AZCentral: “Don’t let HB 2035 become a zombie bill” by editorial board:

Our View: Kill this election-reform law. Kill it good

OregonLive: “2014 Oregon Legislature: 35 days for guns, pot, booze and a zombie bridge” by Christian Gaston

Meanwhile in Florida, MiamiHerald: “Florida Keys homeowner has gun range in his yard – and it’s totally legal” by Cammy Clark:

Varrieur fired seven shots that traveled 21 feet to a target that had three cans inside a box and a picture of a zombie holding a screaming woman.

And Blaze: “Wal-Mart Before a Snow Storm is Like a Zombie Apocalypse” by Jason Wright

UTV: “Boy ‘became zombie’ due to abuse”:

a zombie, introverted and fearing the next beating, lying soaked in urine


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