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January 30, 2014

Zombie bees in Vermont! Recall Zombie Bees are bees that have lost their sense of direction. They wander off from the hive potentially leading to hive collapse. Previously, a zombie bee was found at Google’s campus, and now spotted in Vermont.

AP: “‘Zombie’ bees identified in Vt., 1st in Eastern US” by Beth Garbitelli:

John Hafernik, a professor from San Francisco State University, discovered the first zombie bees in 2008. A fly called Apocephalus borealis attaches itself to the bee and injects its eggs, which grow inside the bee, Hafernik said. Scientists believe it causes neurological damage resulting in erratic, jerky movement and night activity, “like a zombie,” Hafernik said by phone Tuesday.

Down south, a little ice has flummoxed the highways, see RT: “Atlanta’s ‘zombie apocalypse’? Rare snowfall paralyzes region, strands many“:

A freak snowstorm in the southeastern US on Tuesday continued to paralyze much of the region on Wednesday. The weather’s impact on the area was no more stark than in Atlanta, where abandoned vehicles on highways recalled scenes from a zombie apocalypse

Beware of lemons! Observer: “Science Says Germs Are Hosting a Lemon Party in Your Drink” by Vinnie Mancuso about contaminated lemon slices at restaurants:

we don’t know where the germs are coming from. Fantastic. But will these recent revelations get us sick or lead to the inevitable zombie apocalypse?

But see FastCoDesign: “What Kind Of Design Zombie Are You?”:

In the horror mythos, zombies are the slavering, flesh-hungry undead, but the word “zombie” is also often used to metaphorically describe anyone who is slavishly and unthinkingly obsessed with anything.
…Vintage Zombie… Type Zombie…Texture Zombie… Minimalism Zombie

Political ideology zombie? See “SOTU: Zombie Rhetoric From Outer Space” by David King who presents his list of

zombie rhetoric-to-English translation of Obama’s beliefs

As a cure, try yoga, OnMilwaukee: “How Yoga Kills Zombies” by Paul Winghart:

The mindless procession of zombies is thereby best explained as a reflection of our collective unconscious trying to manage our conscious economic reality of surplus productivity.

The zombie-like economic procession brought forth from surplus productivity is best managed through yoga, focusing on the mental connection of the here and now rather than concentrating on ambiguity of the far and distant.

Except surely one can become obsessed and become a yoga zombie. Maybe it’s just a choice of what kind of zombie you want to be…


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