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#zombiegeorgewashington (sleepy hollow hockey)

January 27, 2014

Last week #ZombieGeorgeWashington trended on Twitter; from The Daily Beast: “Was George Washington Among the Walking Dead?” by Kevin Bleyer explains connection to a recent episode of the TV show “Sleepy Hollow”, but also claims historic reality of actual discussed attempts to reanimated the frozen corpse of the George Washington;

Days after his death on December 14, 1799, Washington’s doctors found “the indispensable man” too indispensable to dispense with; the young country still relied on the general’s leadership, and was carried on his broad shoulders. So as his cold body waited for burial, they did propose reanimating him, and they considered that prospect a perfectly viable one. In the words of his primary physician William Thornton, “I proposed to attempt his restoration, in the following manner. First to thaw him in cold water, then to lay him in blankets, and by degrees and by friction to give him warmth, and to put into activity the minute blood vessels, at the same time to open a passage to the lungs by the trachea, and to inflate them with air, to produce an artificial respiration, and to transfuse blood into him from a lamb.” Ultimately, the other doctors present didn’t deny the viability of Thornton’s plan to reanimate Washington, only whether “it would be right to attempt to recall to life one who had departed full of honor and renown … and prepared for eternity.” In other words: a Zombie Washington? It’s not undoable, Doctor Thornton; it’s undignified.

See also Bleyer’s book “Me the People: One Man’s Selfless Quest to Rewrite the Constitution of the United States of America” which his article cites as evidence of this story (though personally I would have preferred a citation to some historical record?). Meanwhile, Bleyer “served as the [“Sleepy Hollow”] history consultant this season” — that sounds like a hilarious job; how do I get that gig?

Speaking of the “Sleepy Hollow” (I don’t watch that show) but Washington Irving wrote the original story and that’s worth reading -“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow“.

In other historical revisionism, I also heard that Ichabod Crane worked for HBGary and that the headless horseman was Anonymous.

George Washington visited the actual Tarrytown in 1775

And speaking of George Washington, hockey goalie Steve Mason paints his hockey mask with zombies. Last year, his first season with the Philadelphia Flyers, it was a somewhat political zombie mask featuring founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

This year, Mason’s mask is about his team, portraying his teammates as zombies. It’s scary. But a Hockey Goalie mask is always sort of scary enough by itself (Cf. masks: Friday the 13th Jason and Easter bunny and Guy Fawkes masks and see also TMNT’s Casey Jones).

Of course, the mask isn’t really the scary part, but of course, Mason’s got a zombie stick too:


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