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football zombie first wave

January 27, 2014

Super Bowl is coming. AMC plans to counter-program with a “Walking Dead” marathon called “The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl“. Get your cheesey dips ready.

With NFL season ending, will football zombies have PTSD — if so, is there a cure? See this new zombie short film: “The First Wave” (link from Gizmodo“):

Wired: “Sexy Zombies Love Smooth Jazz in Aubrey Plaza’s New Movie” by Angela Watercutter about “Life After Beth”:

The undead in Baena’s film transform slowly, instead of emerging from the ground ravenous for braaaaaiiiins and can also be lulled into submission with smooth jazz.

News-Times Augusta: “Maybe zombies eat tacos, too” about a family dinner conversation about zombie apocalypse:

Our middle son says, “If zombies do come, most people won’t die by zombie attacks. They’ll die in their own homes from thirst and starvation.”

In conclusion, the Independent: “‘Zombie coalition has run out of things to say’ say critics” by Jane Merrick about British “zombie government”, and the title is also an appropriate end for this post.


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