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Rob Zombie Real Estate and KY Pensions

January 26, 2014

The Denver Post: “Zombie subdivisions,” abandoned in downturn, plague Colorado counties” by Tom McGhee begins:

Zombie subdivisions” — some platted but vacant land, others partially built and then abandoned — plague parts of the Intermountain West, siphoning valuable resources from struggling local governments, dragging down property values and causing blight.

And in other Zombie Real Estate: “Rob Zombie Sells Home For $3.65 Million” explaining his Los Angeles home has substantially increased in value since being purchased in 1999.

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Meanwhile in Kentucky, Jonathan Meador, the Frankfort Bureau chief for Kentucky Public Radio, is covering WFPL: “Kentucky’s Zombie of a Pension Problem“, quoting from the “former trustee of the Kentucky Retirement Systems turned whistleblower”, Chris Tobe:

“I think we’re going to be ‘The Walking Dead’ for a long time,” Tobe said. “We’re all gonna keep saying, ‘Oh, we’re just fine,’ and we’re gonna be ‘The Walking Dead’ for a long, long time. … The KERS is definitely a zombie pension, and then we’ve got others that are working their way to that area.”

And for a slightly different version of Meador’s reporting, with a slightly different Tobe quote (filling in the ellipsis above), WKMS: “Whistleblower on Ky Pensions “I Think We’re Going to Be ‘The Walking Dead’ for a Long Time“:

“It’s, uh, yeah. We have a couple zomb– we have one pension, the KERS is definitely a zombie pension,” said Tobe.

The WFPL and WKMS versions of Meador’s article are very similar and yet different… never seen that before.. strange for syndicated column to change more than the headline — See also another varation WKYU: “Like “The Walking Dead”: Kentucky’s Pension Liabilities Creating Nightmare Scenarios“.


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