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Zombie Cheese #BigBlockOfCheeseDay #AskTheWH

January 25, 2014

Recall the strong connection of zombies and cheese. Less than two weeks ago ZombieLaw posted “Melty Zombie Cheesy Sunday TV” which referred to the giant block of cheese that President Andrew Jackson had in the White House.

Yesterday, the White House announced “Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day: The White House Is Open for Questions“:

In 1837, President Jackson hosted an open house featuring a 1,400-pound block of cheese. On Wednesday, January 29th, with a nod to history (and maybe the TV show the West Wing), White House officials will take to social media for a day long ‘open house’ to answer questions from everyday Americans.

Incidentally, this will be the day after President Obama delivers this year’s State of the Union address. Government cheese!

So the next day, rather than just let the internet buzz with sound bytes, the White House social media staffers are gearing up to face the zombies directly and try to spin them toward their facts.


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