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Mexican politics, New York fashion and undead botnets

January 20, 2014

Rather than construct some grand theory to connect Mexican politics, New York fashion and undead botnets, this post is simply reporting these three current “zombie” usages;

THV11: “Mexico’s ‘zombie’ mayoral candidate” by Lindsey Tugman:

The allegations are shocking. Prosecutors say the former mayoral candidate obtained a death certificate and faked his own death to avoid being charged in a 2004 rape case.

…Mexican media call Carballido “The Zombie Candidate.” Jokes about a man coming back from death to resurrect a political career have been nonstop.

GuardianLV: “Zombie Apocalypse No Longer Just a Screenplay” by Gabriela Motroc explains:

New York Fashion Week becomes the birthplace of a new era in which survivors are set to annihilate the zombies in heavy military jackets. … This figurative zombie takeover is applauded by the majority of fashion gurus, who try to satisfy the tastes of those expecting the zombie apocalypse anytime soon. For designers, this is no longer just a screenplay; zombie apocalypse is literally among people, raiding their closets.


BBC: “Zombie botnets: Why some crime networks refuse to die” by Mark Ward:

…some parts of the cyber crime world are much harder to stamp out. Like zombies they do not seem to know they are supposed to be dead, and keep coming back again and again to cause even more trouble. In particular, botnets – networks of hijacked computers – exhibit this zombie-like ability to lurch back into life, despite a significant number of victories against these crime networks over the past year.

“Those zombie parts are often left flailing around,” says former cyber cop Adrian Culley, now a technical consultant at security firm Damballa.
…the hard part is cleaning up those zombie machines and stopping it for good.

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