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Zombie Cooper Union

January 11, 2014

Gothamist: “Old Cooper Union Dead: Trustees Approve $20K Tuition” quotes “Free is not Nothing” by Kevin Slavin:

Kevin Slavin, a Cooper Union alumnus and one of the Board’s 23 Trustees, wrote on Thursday.

“If it goes the other way, all of that will disappear. Not just the free tuition, but everything that was built on it. In its place we’ll find a tragic fraud. A joke. A zombie.”

and quoting Felix Salmon at Reuters:

Felix Salmon lamented the Board of Trustees’ vote, noting that by charging tuition the school “has dissolved into utter banality.”

Smirk at the word “zombie” being used with “fraud” and “joke” and “utter banality”.

See more ZombieLaw Education and a prior “zombie” from Felix Salmon.

Notice comment on Gothamist article from Tom Bedlam:

on the brighter side, they now have that sliced up metal cube thing.

“Metal-cube thing”, because it’s the futurists that cause the zombie apocalypse. Fastcash mania of the early millennium pre-Great-Recession-mentality, New York was a different place a decade ago, when they thought they had the money to build. ..

This is the legacy of the Bloomberg years. Cleaned up the city but a lot of long beloved institutions collapsed or had to restructure, lost souls. See Zombie NYC Opera. Cooper Union: it’s still cheaper than NYU. Is it better to be free or have an iconic building? (See also Zombie Cats at Teachers College – or The New School with an even uglier metal cube). Who is qualified to predict the future? Who’s economic models can we trust? In the end, we are all zombies, remembering pasts that never were, our collective memories fabricating “fraud”/”jokes” that dissolve “into utter banality”.. oh academia.. oh new york…

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