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Scary Clowns

December 27, 2013

Miami Herald: “Dave Barry’s Year in Review: 2013 was a zombie of a year” in which he refers to New York politicians Weiner and Spitzer and asks: “What IS it with New York?” (which is funny because I am frequently asking what is it with Florida and zombies?).

Barry also refers to Miley Cyrus in “slut Barbie underwear”, the Cold War, Al Qaeda, Baseball drugs, North Korea, Government Shutdown, iPhones, ObamaCare, kale, and Rob Ford, before going month by month to comically recap of the past year.

Meanwhile in Esquire, Charles Pierce still thinks Congressman Paul Ryan is a “zombie-eyed granny starver” in “Paul Ryan Places A Bet“.

And across the pond, FT: “‘Zombie’ alert over rhetoric on high-end London property market” by Kate Allen explains that capital gain taxes and anti-foreign sentiments may create a “zombie” market:

Ed Mead, a director at Douglas & Gordon estate agents, said the market was likely to slip into a “zombie” state.

This is interesting in light of news that “Walking Dead” was at some point suggested to be an alien-invasion plot, with the zombie virus as the preparation stage. So that fear of alien investment might create a zombie market, is like a flip on that.

Also in Britain, scary clowns — from LoweringTheBar: “England’s Clowns Are Furious” and from TheGuardian: “UK’s concerned clowns call for end to copycat crime wave” (note also Cory Doctorow version, and thanks to ATL for link). It seems there are some ethical rules regarding clowning and scaring the public is not supposed to be part of the show.

Ya hear that, Dave Barry, stop scaring me; but instead Barry concludes:

And with that, this hideous brain-dead zombie of a year finally staggers off into oblivion, making way for 2014, which surely will be better, because how could it possibly be worse?

Do NOT answer that.
Happy New Year.

zombie dave barry zombie charles pierce


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