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Announcing Publication of “Zombie in the Federal Courts” @CreateSpace @kickstarter

December 21, 2013

Today is December 21, 2013, one year after the Mayan long calendar ended.

Last year we were awash in Zombie Congress, fiscal cliff zombies, Taxmageddon, the looming sequester and Brad Pitt’s movie was ramping up promotions, Warm Bodies hadn’t come out yet — then Aaron Swartz was murdered, Clarence Thomas spoke, mass slaughter of pythons — and that was just the first few weeks of the year… It was a busy year… Sharknado!.. oh and remember when the government shutdown … haha .. zombies!

In October 2012, Kyle Orland at ArsTechnica wrote, “Haunts‘ Kickstarter failure highlights the risks of crowdfunding“:

investing in a Kickstarter project is really more like buying into a crazy dream that might not actually come true

This was the same month that we funded Zombie Law book. I say we because we did this together. Orland’s description of a “crazy dream” feels apt. This was a crazy dream idea and there is no question that Kickstarter motivated its actualization and I am grateful for that. See chapter 15 of “Waking Life”, Speed Levitch concludes:

…the iguana will bite those who do not dream. And as one realizes that one is a dream figure in another person’s dream, that is self awareness.

This ZombieLaw dream is now nearing a stage of fruition (although still not quite done, and this is still only the beginning of a much longer project). Still behind schedule, the book was supposed to be bound and shipped by this October, instead, by Halloween all we had was an post updating on good progress.

Today, I am proud to report that the Zombie Law book is at the printer and on it’s way to the bindery. And, the second edition, a softcover version, is now ready to distribute
via CreateSpace.
zombie in the federal courts

Today, December 21, 2013, is the one year anniversary of the End of the Mayan Long Calendar and since this book was part of the 2012 “zombie” phenomenon it’s appropriate to officially release the book today. It is now available on the CreateSpace page, and should appear on within 5-7 days and extended distribution in 6-8 weeks. The Amazon price is usually considerably discounted and should offer free shipping for AmazonPrime customers (but I do get a larger royalty if you buy from CreateSpace).

The list price for this book is currently $66 dollars. I know that’s too much for a softcover, but this is over 700 pages of over 300 edited case opinions. It was a shit-ton of work and as I said, Amazon will likely discount it. More importantly, I want to be fair to the Kickstarter backers who are still waiting for their hardbound book. (If any Kickstarter backer would prefer immediate delivery of a softcover instead, that can be arranged, but I think most will prefer to wait for the bound edition which is at the printer and on its way to the bindery).

In the development process thus far, I have made five other books as part of this series (called “Law of the Horse“). I consider each book to be part of proving concept for this Zombie book. Each of these books are available for a much more reasonable price than the Zombie book and if you order quickly (in the next day) on Amazon you should be able to get two-day delivery in time for last-minute Christmas stocking-stuffing.

And so without further ado, one year after the Mayan apocalypse, here’s a year’s worth of “Law of the Horse” publications… nom nom…

zombie in the federal courts
werewolves in the federal courts law red herring in the supreme court mad scientist in the federal courts
cocker spaniel in the federal courts daschund dachshund in the federal courts

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