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zombie linquistics scrabble dictionary

December 19, 2013

This article about the power of Z words in Scrabble: “Zombification: A Real Word And A Real Threat”
scrabble z

Made me realize that I never thought to look at a Scrabble dictionary, so here, zombies’ links from

Words ending in Bies
Words ending in Bie
Words ending in Bis
Words ending in Bi

Consider linguistic theories of “Sound Symbolism” suggest that “phonemes carry meaning in and of themselves” and with “ideasthesia” (a more generic kind of synesthesia) concepts can “evoke perception-like experiences”.

So, the “zom” and “bi/bie” phoneme sounds might induce perceptual connections? To me, the -bie ending seems playful. But I think there is probably a lot more too it than that.

Then there’s that Zom-
Words that start with Zom
Words that start with Zo
Of which I note that Zombiism is the only word that ends in -biism, and that Zo refers to zoo- and thus to animals.

Bastardizing Saussure: “the sign is arbitrary … they have meaning only in relation to other words

See also “Bouba/kiki effect

This post also reminds me of a prior post, ZombieLaw: “Search the NYTimes Crossword for zombies

— rough sketch of categories of -bi words:

Youth and naivete: Barbie, Boobies, Dobies, Doobie (Cannabis), Babies, Grandbabies, Crybabies, Lullabies (Rockabies), Newbies, Ephebi, Loobies, Cubbies, Gabies, Rugbies
Teaching: Rabbi, Syllabi, Lobbies
Monetary indicators: Renminbi, Rubies, Tabbis, Obi, Trilbies, Hobbies, Freebies, Darbies
Diseased: Scabies, Rabies, Antirabies
Animals: Wallabies, Ibis, Ourebi (Oribi), Colobi, Corbie, Yabbie, Lambie, Mangabies, Sassabies, Brumbies, Tabbies, Bilbies, Gobies
Vegetable: Kohlrabi, Wasabi, Krubi
Anatomy: Pubis, Prepubis, Limbi, Thombi
Demonic characteristics: Incubi, Succubi, Nimbus
Low-respect social position: Cabbie, Dhobi, Swabbie, Hubbies
Miscellaneous: Alibi, Nabis, Rhombi, Kibbi.
Alibi is perhaps the most interesting, because this is still technically a blawg and because what’s more zombie, than evidence to prove that “I” was never here; the mind always somewhere else.

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