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News from the Apocalypse

December 15, 2013

The “zombie” news this week has been a little light, but some interesting “apocalypse” to report.

First let’s look at the zombie news: there was a paraplegic amputee prankster (see “New Jersey teen scares shoppers by pretending to be zombie“) and a Susan Boyle sickness (see “Subo stint on Jonathan Ross Show axed after throat infection results in ‘confused and Zombie-like’ appearance“).

The paraplegic reminds us that zombies are funny, and particularly a way of coping with horror through humor, but also directly related to disabilities as perceptions of atypical humanity as somehow subhuman.

The SuBo story is interesting to me only because she seems to have caught the zombie illness while in New York but also because this particular performing artist is so strongly associated with the disconnect between her physical image and her vocal sound, this disconnect seems relevant to the zombie meme.

Both of these stories are connected to the NY-NJ area. Meanwhile, in New York “Santapocolypse NYC 2013” as Santa-Con turns into a street brawl:

And across the river in New Jersey, Rolling Stone:”Apocalypse, New Jersey: A Dispatch From America’s Most Desperate Town” by Matt Taibbi (recall Taibbi’s infamous “vampire-squid” quote but note that the “apocalypse” is only in the title of this article so maybe the responsibility falls on his a Rolling Stone editor). Taibbi explains:

Camden is just across the Delaware River from the brick and polished cobblestone streets of downtown Philadelphia, where oblivious tourists pour in every year, gobbling cheese steaks and gazing at the Liberty Bell, having no idea that they’re a short walk over the Ben Franklin Bridge from a full-blown sovereignty crisis – an un-Fantasy Island of extreme poverty and violence where the police just a few years ago essentially surrendered a city of 77,000.

The Camden story was originally a controversial political effort to isolate urban crime and slash municipal spending by moving political power out of dying nonwhite cities. And they do it, this radical restructuring backed by the best in Baghdad-style security technology, and for a second or two it looks like it’s working – only the whole thing might be rendered moot in the end by the collapse of the rest of America. All over the country, we’ve been so busy arguing over who’s productive and who isn’t that we might not be noticing that the whole ship is going down. There’s no lesson in any of it, just a giant mess that still isn’t cleaned up.

The apocalypse metaphor is strongly associated to the zombies.

Noteworthy, the next movie sequel for the X-Men has been scheduled for release in 2016 with the title “X-Men: Apocalypse“.

And in new technology, Fisher-Price’s Apptivity Seat, in LATimes: “iPad baby seat inspires campaign to stop the parenting apocalypse” by Chris O’Brien.

pixar wall-e apptivitiy seat fisher price

So this apocalypse has got mutants, and cyborg babies.

Why apocalypse? See GlossyNews: “World Disappointed Apocalypse Didn’t Come December 2012“:

It is hard to believe that is has been almost a year since the world ended December 21, 2012.

As 2013 winds its way down to a close, we can only hope another vague lost culture’s apocalypse comes true.

New York, New Jersey, New Apocalypse?

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