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zombie rubio in 2016

December 4, 2013

The American Prospect: “Will Zombie Marco Rubio Win in 2016?” by Jonathan Bernstein is an article about Senator Marco Rubio that does not use the word zombie. But it does use the word “dead”, “burial”, “write off”, “bumps in the road”, concluding with allusion “horse races”:

premature burial of John McCain… Bill Clinton was given up for dead … last rites performed for George H.W. Bush … it’s easy to overinterpret setbacks and bumps in the road…

The American Prospect refers to itself on twitter as “A respectable liberal twitter account.” And when they tweeted this story they didn’t tweet this zombie headline but instead tweeted the link with: they tweeted: “Stop declaring candidacies dead before the primary even starts!”

So perhaps “zombie” wasn’t “respectable” to be tweeted. Or perhaps an editor changed the title afterwards. But if “zombie” isn’t a respectable political term than calling it “dead” probably isn’t much better. Or is it? The “zombie” is potentially more offensive than the “dead” because it insults the basic structural assumptions. It may also be a compliment about the survival quality and ability to not die. But still also a further slur, like ‘why won’t you die!’.

Notably, Senator Rubio is from Florida – Zombies love Florida.

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