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msnbc: “the GOP’s go-to zombie”

December 4, 2013

From Rachel Maddow show at MSNBC: “The GOP’s Medicare zombie lie lives on” by Steve Benen.

Does it even matter what the claim is. The story here is the continuing use of “zombie lies” to describe false facts that just won’t die. But truth is not a binomial, it’s a scale. Rhetorical mantra are always at least a little false and particularly the more they are repeated like mantra. The existence of obvious counter-arguments is not proof of the falsity. There may still be a little truth there, a little detail that wants to be believed.

So when some GOP believe that the Affordable Care Act cuts into Medicare. It’s not only because they keep repeating it. It’s also because “cuts” isn’t easy to understand here. As Benen’s article explains, the cuts hit at efficiencies with insurance companies, not services for seniors. But it’s still “cuts”. So it’s true right? It’s not literally a lie, it’s literally true but the interpretation is the debate. When this happens, consider that it’s takes two sides.

Republican campaign officials have rolled out this same bogus claim every year since 2010. It’s one of the GOP’s go-to zombie lies that just can’t be killed.

The so-called zombie lies don’t die because they are the very essence of current-live-political talking points, which is to say that live politics is zombies-in-action. Benen’s denigration of the National Republican Senatorial Committee as shamefully “ridiculous” and “profoundly silly” is amongst the top forms of this zombie praxis, concluding:

The irony is rich.

Not it’s not, name-calling and inconsistent positions for the sake of political points is totally normal in zombie politics.

zombie steve benen

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